Co-op hoists 'for sale' sign over farming and pharmacy arms

The sales will be seen as the next step in stripping back the Co-op to its core operations, following the sale of its life insurance arm to Royal London last year, and the loss of control of its banking arm following its £1.5bn recapitalisation in December.

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Can you trust a fund that offers an 8 per cent return?

Fund group Schroders offers an Income Maximiser, which pays a hefty 7 per cent a year. It has grown 38 per cent over three years, boosting your £1,000 to £1,380. The normal Schroders Income fund, meanwhile, dishes out around 3 per cent and has gone up 47 per cent over three years — turning £1,000 into £1,470.

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Scotland's deficit of £12bn damages Alex Salmond's case for independence

But the latest HMRC figures showed that from April 2013 to January 2014, North Sea industries had contributed £3.7bn in corporation tax and petroleum revenue tax, a fall of 24% from the same period last year when that figure stood at £4.8bn.


Free banking could end, says RBS boss

Ross McEwan says the end of free-if-in-credit banking would lead to greater transparency about how banks funded themselves Mr McEwan, who last week announced the abandonment of so-called “teaser rates” on all RBS products, said paid-for accounts would be “addressed in the market place”. Photo: ALAMY

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Bob Holmes resigns from Homeward Pikes Peak

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